Using the latest technology, our knowledgeable employees will accurately and efficiently process your deposit containers. The Association’s two bottle depots help Lethbridge and Area recycle over 21 million containers annually. We also participate in the Alberta Cans for Kids provincial fundraising program.

The depots offer a range of recycling programs for individuals, community groups and local businesses, including counter service, commercial pick-ups, bottle drives, virtual bottle drives and recycle trailer rentals.

The Association’s depots are members of the Alberta Bottle Depot Association and are licensed by the Beverage Container Management Board.

By being our customer, you are helping others!

Our bottle depots are part of our charitable non-profit organization that supports people with disabilities in our community. The depots provide employment, work experience and skill development opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Revenue generated by our depots is invested into a wide array of services provided by our non-profit. You may choose to donate your container refund amount to our non-profit, in order to support our services to people with disabilities.

Locations & Hours

Northside Lethbridge Bottle DepotAbility Bottle Depot – North
Industrial Park (Northside)

1610 – 29th Street North
(403) 329 3911

Monday – Saturday:
8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Ability Bottle Depot – South (Southside)

2915 – 32nd Street South
(403) 317 4880

Monday – Friday:
10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sunday – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

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Counter Service

Bring your beverage containers to either depot during business hours, have your containers sorted and counted on the spot, and walk out with your cash refund. The Northside location also has an after-hours drop off bin, where the refund will be donated to the charity indicated on the front of the bin.

Recycling Trailers

The Association owns two beverage recycling trailers that can be a clean and efficient way of recycling during your event. You can pick up the trailer and place it on site; at the end of the event just drop the trailer off and depot staff will sort and count the containers collected.  The refund is then mailed to your organization.

Commercial Pick-up Service

Regularly scheduled pick-ups from your business location make recycling convenient. Refunds are mailed directly to your business.

Applaud A Depot

Bottle Drives

Your group schedules a date with the depot, collects containers and drops them off at the appointed time. Containers are sorted and counted, then your refund cheque is mailed to your organization.

Virtual Bottle Drives

Your group sets up an account with the depot and then your members and supporters bring in their containers at their convenience. They indicate that the refund is to be donated to your organization, and the amount is credited to your account. Cheques are then mailed to your organization monthly.

Applaud A Depot

You can help us get recognized by submitting our name to the Applaud A Depot program presented through the Alberta Bottle Depot Association. You can find more information and a link for submission on the Applaud A Depot page.