Once you have applied for Community Access Services (please see Intake Process) at the Ability Resource Centre, and an intake meeting has been set up, you will be asked to review and complete the four following forms. If you wish, you can print them, complete them and bring them to the meeting. If not, you can complete them at the meeting.

For your review before intake:

  • Medical Profile: This form provides information we need to support you in your health and medical needs. We need it completed before you begin services.
  • Request for Medication Administration: If you need any assistance in order to take medications during your hours in services with us, you will need to complete this form. We cannot assist with medication until this form is submitted.
  • Photography/Media Consent form: This provides the guidance for us on how you wish pictures of you, your artwork or other personal creations can be used. To be completed before, or as soon as possible after, services begin.
  • Consent to Travel: This gives information to staff about your ability to travel in Southern Alberta during service hours. To be completed before, or as soon as possible after, services begin.

For your reference:

  • Orientation Manual: This manual contains useful information about how our services work, including your rights and responsibilities. If you complete the intake process and are eligible to begin services, the Orientation Manual will be reviewed with you, and a copy will be given to you and/your guardian.
  • Client Rights Manual: This is a more formal manual about our policy and procedures for assisting people with behavioural support. If you wish, you will have the opportunity to review it after you have begun services.