To get started...

People can pick up an Intake Package at JobLinks front desk that includes an Application for Services, a form to be completed by the doctor, a brochure and a workshop schedule.  Applicants are required to return the completed Intake Package and at that time a meeting is scheduled with the Intake Coordinator.  The Intake Coordinator will collect further information regarding skills, abilities, work history, and work together with the person to develop an individualized service plan.  The person is then assigned an Employment Specialist who supports them in finding and keeping a job.

JobLinks Employment Centre has an open intake process and accepts referrals from a variety of sources including:

  • Guardians and families
  • Self referral
  • Community agencies
  • Doctors and therapists

If you receive funding from Disability Services (PDD) please contact your PDD caseworker before applying for services with JobLinks.

Joblinks Intake Chart