What JobLinks can do for you.

JobLinks provides employment services to partner with you to identify your business needs. We provide employment services to individuals with disabilities and/or medical barriers who are capable of working. We identify people who have the capacity to work in your business through quality job matching. Our no-fee recruitment services will save your time and money.

Services for business

  • Free job postings at JobLinks
  • Pre-screening of potential employees
  • Matching individual skills with your business needs
  • Job carving
  • Long term follow up

Does your business...

  • Need assistance finding motivated people?
  • Experience high turnover?
  • Have repetitive duties taking up highly trained staff’s valuable time?

We can help you!

  • Save time and money on hiring and training
  • Effective job matching
  • Save supervisory time
  • Enhance community image
  • Maintain a win-win partnership
  • Job Carving

    Designing positions to possibly free up staff from repetitive low revenue duties to enhance their productivity.

  • Partnerships

    JobLinks Employment Specialists connect with businesses to build a win win partnership.

  • How We Do It

    By matching job opportunities to the skills and abilities of the clients we represent, we link employees to community employers.